Virtual Reality Medical Training Virtual Reality
November 24, 2017

Series 1. Virtual Reality Medical Training: A Revolution in Healthcare Education

Here’s the scene: a teenager is lying on a stretcher. His mother has just rushed him to the ER. She’s frantic; begging you to act quickly. The EMT comes in…

Virtual Reality
November 24, 2017

Series 2. Virtual Reality in Construction Safety: Saving Lives and Money

Virtual Reality is a fun and immersive technology, and its benefits are unparalleled in the world of construction safety. As it gains popularity for all kinds of simulation training, construction…

Virtual Reality Safety Training Virtual Reality
November 21, 2017

Virtual Reality Safety Training: A Revolution in Industry Education

Employee training is a subject that’s never been taken lightly. While most businesses understand the importance of safety in the workplace – to protect company liability as much as their…